Latex Exam Gloves

Premium Quality with Superior Grip

MedHandler® Latex Gloves are made of premium-quality, natural rubber latex, and are available in powder-free.

  • High quality latex compound Medical Exam Grade
  • Excellent comfort and elasticity
  • No aerosolization or drying of powder on skin with powder-free gloves
  • Powder-free gloves are low protein (100 micrograms/gram or less)
  • Meets or exceeds 2.5 Accepted Quality Level (AQL)
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Item # Description Size Case/Pack Total Units
100-112 MedHandler® Latex Gloves Powder Free S 10/100 1000
100-114 MedHandler® Latex Gloves Powder Free M 10/100 1000
100-116 MedHandler® Latex Gloves Powder Free L 10/100 1000
100-118 MedHandler® Latex Gloves Powder Free XL 10/100 1000


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