Project Description

oneSAFE® Single-Glove
Dispensing System

Protect your patients and your healthcare operation

MedHandler® oneSAFE®
Exam-Grade Gloves

The new MedHandler oneSAFE Exam-Grade Gloves in powder-free vinyl and blue nitrile are available in single and triple wall-mounted dispensers. The oneSAFE system is a proprietary dispensing system for foodservice, and now for healthcare, that enables users to pull out a single glove by the cuff and don it without touching the glove’s handling surface. This simple difference reduces the risk of cross contamination by 96 percent. The dispenser also harbors 93 percent less bacteria than traditional dispensers.

A Revolutionary Innovation
for Increased Safety

  • Improved hygiene

  • Reduced waste

  • Decreased footprint

  • Increased efficiency

oneSAFE® Products